An unusual method of stealing data from surveillance cameras

We explain in simple terms research that demonstrates a vulnerability in modern digital video cameras. Scientific research into hardware vulnerabilities often paints glamorous espionage scenarios, and a recent study by researchers at universities in the United States and China is no exception. They found a way to steal data from surveillance cameras by analyzing their … Read more

How to fine-tune email protection

How to protect your company from mail bombs and other unwanted correspondence using personal content filtering When it comes to spam, we usually think of completely unrelated advertising letters, which anti-spam engines filter out without any problems. However, it’s far from the most unpleasant thing that can land in your mailbox. Spam is sometimes used … Read more

Why a thin client is better than a workstation?

We explain why it is preferable to use a thin client (especially the updated Kaspersky Thin Client 2.0) in a virtual desktop infrastructure. Many companies have long since moved from the traditional workstation model to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). VDI provides many advantages – a better cyber security (not least because the work data does … Read more

How spammers exploit hijacked corporate domains

By hijacking domains with CNAME records and exploiting forgotten SPF records, attackers take over domains and use them for their own purposes. You’ve probably received more than a few spam or phishing emails from addresses that appear to belong to reputable organizations. It may have left you wondering how attackers manage this feat, and perhaps … Read more

Global Transparency Initiative update, April 2024

Expanding the global transparency initiative by opening the Istanbul Transparency Center and launching the Transparency Lab in collaboration with Boğazi University An evidence-based approach to security assessments of IT products is a powerful tool that allows accurate assessment of the reliability of these products. That’s why we’ve been rolling out our global transparency initiative since … Read more

Dropbox warns about a Dropbox Sign breach

Dropbox has shared a report on a data breach in the Dropbox Sign e-signature service. What does this mean for consumers, and what should they do? Dropbox has shared the results of its investigation into the hacking of its infrastructure. The company did not specify when the incident actually occurred, saying only that the attack … Read more

The Bad Batch: Tantiss base security

The cyber security measures of the Titans base as shown in the third season of “Star Wars: The Bad Beach”. As usual, for May 4th (MTFBWY), we’re publishing a report for Star Wars fans, detailing how the Empire in a galaxy far, far away was careless about information security. . The subject of this year’s … Read more

What is a credential stuffing attack?

A credential stuffing attack is one of the most effective ways to control accounts. Here’s how it works and what you should do to protect your company. Millions of accounts fall victim to credential stuffing attacks every year. This practice has become so widespread that in 2022, one authentication provider reported an average of one … Read more